7 New Runway Models You Should Know, Straight From a Top Agent

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7 New Runway Models You Should Know, Straight From a Top Agent
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With New York Fashion Week barely two days in, the Big Apple is already a virtual breeding ground for models, both old-hat and fresh-faced. They can be seen munching on crackers backstage at Lincoln Center, having a champagne at chic parties, and even (it’s true!) riding the subways. With so many nestled in every nook and cranny of New York this week, it can be hard to keep track (not that we’re complaining).

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To help us pinpoint the runway models to watch, we sat down with ONE Management founder Scott Lipps, who filled us in on his 7 rising girls to keep an eye on.

“For us, we see so many girls that come through our doors, and the modeling business is just inundated with girls,” Scott says of how he spots young superstars. “I usually notice the ones who are personable and that get it and want to succeed. It’s personality, drive and ambition, desire to make it.”

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Click through the gallery to see Scott’s top 7 rising runway models!

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Luma Grothe

"Luma’s shooting with Mario Testino this week, with Mert and Marcus, and you'll see her a little bit during Fashion Week," Scott says. "She’s one of my favorite girls at the moment. She’s from Brazil and such a warm spirit, and her beauty is undeniable. She's like Adriana Lima meets Sofia Loren, amazing, just such an incredible beauty. It’s hard to take a bad photo of her. I don’t think I could ever take a bad photo of her. That kind of beauty to me never goes out of style.”

Photo: Sam Hessamian

Kai Newman

"Kai is incredibly beautiful and so sweet and almost shy," Scott says of the model. "She was really great last season, and now she's really coming into her own. She's a beautiful girl from Jamaica."

Ola Munik

"Ola is a great example of those girls who just really interesting faces," Scott says. "They’re babies in the business and they’re just starting, and they have that kind of beauty that’s so interesting.  After being in this business for so many years, you kind of just understand what to look for."

Dasha Denisenko

"Dasha has an exclusive contract this season which I'm not really at liberty to share right now," Scott says. An exclusive contract means a model has signed on to show in one designer's show and no one else's.

Liz Schlegel

Another model doing an exclusive at New York Fashion Week, Liz is another breakout star. "We have like 60 girls in our package this season, and it’s hard to narrow it down to the 4 or 5," Scott says. "But Liz is really among those to watch."

Mica Arganaraz

"She's doing a ton of new shows; she’s new to us, and has amazing personal style," Scott says. "She’s just a cool spirit ansd her look is very now." She walked in Peter Som's show this New York Fashion Week.

Photo: Benton Sampson

Betty Adewole

"You'll see Betty on a lot of the runways, and she was also the face of Tom Ford Beauty this past season," Scott says. "She has such a cool British style."

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