The Rumors Are True! Polaroid Plans To Introduce Instagram Camera

Leah Bourne

instagramcamera The Rumors Are True! Polaroid Plans To Introduce Instagram CameraIf you are as big of a gadget freak as we are, you have likely stumbled across images while browsing the web of the Socialmatic, a concept camera that that allows you to print your Instagrams. This 16GB camera with a 4-inch-wide screen lets you apply retro-ish filters to your photos before uploading them to Facebook, Instagram, or a yet-to-be-designed Socialmatic app. A Zink (zero ink) printer lets you print out sticky-backed images on demand.
It appeared initially to be one of those super cool concepts that seemed destined to never actually be made. Or so we initially thought.
Italian inventor Antonio De Rosa who is behind the concept camera has just announced a partnership with one C&A Licensing LLC, a company that licenses the Polaroid brand. C&A will help De Rosa bring the Socialmatic to market by early 2014.
Who knows how much of the design will change by the time it does, but one thing is for certain, we can’t wait to check it out, and then promptly plaster our refrigerator with all of our retro-ized scenic shots from Instagram. Let the countdown begin.