Rumor Has It: Diddy and Kate Upton Are Dating

Spencer Cain

Apparently bikini model extraordinaire Kate Upton has a new man in her life—and it’s none other than music mogul and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs.

According to the New York Daily News, the buxom 20-year-old was seen “sucking face” (yeah, you read that right) with the 43-year-old at Miami’s hotspot LIV a few weeks ago—and their romance has been heating up ever since (last Thursday, the duo was spotted breaking bread at Italian restaurant Gemma at the Bowery Hotel in New York.)

Truthfully, this pairing actually makes perfect sense. There’s no denying that Diddy has fortune, fame, and power, and considering Upton’s ambitious career aspirations, it could be good for her brand. As for him, well, he’s a known player. While he was reportedly in a serious relationship with singer Cassie very recently, he has a penchant for relevant blondes (he dated Cameron Diaz and Sienna Miller at the height of their fame), so Upton is right in line with his type.

Neither Diddy or Upton have confirmed the romance, but these rumors don’t just appear out of nowhere.

What do you think of the new couple?