Best Rumor of the Day: Maison Martin Margiela May Collaborate With H&M

Susie G

maison martin margiela1 Best Rumor of the Day: Maison Martin Margiela May Collaborate With H&M

If there’s one thing just about every fashion fanatic seems to be addicted to, it would be those guest designers collaborations with Swedish mega-retailer H&M. At least once a year, every person who considers themselves an on-trend “fashionista” manages to get all hot-and-bothered, camp out at his or her local store, and stock up on everything imaginable within the first 24 hours of the collection hitting the stores. (Or, alternatively, sells all of the goods on eBay at a profit — sad, but true.)

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, here’s some exciting gossip: WWD is reporting that the Paris via Belgium label Maison Martin Margiela is rumored to be the next guest designer to team up with H&M for a holiday collection.

After a series of collaborations with impressive labels — from color-blocked and dot-covered designs from Marni and those palm-tree, leopard print goodies galore from Versace —¬†it’ll be interesting to see if Margiela does get locked down to team up with the mass retailer. Margiela is as beloved for its avant-garde designs as it is known for its elusiveness, so the collaboration would be quite the “get.” If the collaboration is a go, we’ll be¬†looking forward to whether or not he sticks with his avant-garde, fashion-forward, Antwerpian design skills to share with the masses, or if he decides to take a more toned down beat, similar to his MM6 line.

For the time being, H&M has declined to comment on the possible partnership, making the rumor all the more tantalizing.

What designer would you like to see H&M team up with next? Let us know by leaving comment down below.

[Image credit: SIPA]

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