Take a Tour of Fashion Toast Blogger Rumi Neely’s L.A. Apartment

Take a Tour of Fashion Toast Blogger Rumi Neely’s L.A. Apartment
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If you’re at all interested in fashion and/or have a base understanding of the blogosphere’s totem-pole hierarchy, then you are familiar with Rumi Neely.

Since 2008, she’s been gracing/owning the Internet with her breezy white dresses and sky-high heels under the moniker FashionToast. And, like the sandwich ingredient, her style is malleable, endlessly useful and delicious with very few condiments needed.

After her L.A. apartment redesign was complete, we asked her some questions about life as a style star, and what’s next for her blog. Read on!

Text by Anna Gray

Homepolish is the go-to brand for home and office inspiration. With beautiful photos of only Homepolish-designed projects, a funny, irreverent voice, and an inexhaustible supply of design ideas from their talented designers, the Homepolish Instagram and online magazine are mainstays of original, informative, and creative content.

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We chat with the brain behind super blog FashionToast.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

What was your designer's most unexpected suggestion?
I loved that he introduced me to photographer Matin Zad. His work is so stark and off, but really fresh too.

What did you love most about working with your designer Orlando?
When I met him, we were discussing boys within the first 10 minutes. He’d masterfully rearranged everything in sight within 20. I love the way his brain works, which translates to his casual and very funny writing voice. Every time he came over, we had so much fun, even if it was just sitting on the floor Pinteresting.

What are your design inspirations?
Swedish decorators on Instagram—I love @frustilistaFrancesco Clemente, bandana print and Big Sur.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

What are you doing tomorrow?
Sunday in LA! My favorite. I’ll probably make some decorated mush for breakfast, brush Kumo, answer work emails and make a blog post, rush to Pilates, try to figure out a new way to wear denim shorts, maybe lunch out at Joan’s on Third or Sycamore Kitchen, drive to the beach with my boyfriend, and go to bed early ’cause that journey back from Africa drained my sleep reserve.

What’s the next big project you’re working on for FashionToast?
Up next is a relaunch—super excited for the new look.

Hey Rumi, you’re celebrated for your excellent taste! Why did you reach out to Homepolish for help?
I hadn’t gotten around to really focusing on decorating my place even though I’d been here for over a year at that point. So the fact that Homepolish would take control and save me was very appealing!

Now that you’re all settled, what part of your redesigned space is your favorite?
Kind of love all of it. The plants add so much to the vibe, spacing out to the St. Frank piece piece is nice, and the woven chairs are perfect to sprawl out and blog from. I just love being excited instead of scared of having people coming over!

Are you a home-cooked or dine out kind of girl?
Breakfast and lunch in, dinner out. I love being home in LA so I have access to all my tools, i.e. Blendtec, espresso machine, and vegetable spiralizer. But I’m so close to so many of my favorite restaurants; I gotta take advantage of that, too.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

Rumi's zen bedroom is decorated with amazing bedding from Coyuchi, great bedside lamps from AllModern and injected with some fun in the form of CB2 tie dye pillows.

Which actor would you want to play you in your biopic?
Hmm. Is there a way to answer this without sounding delusional? Well, who cares. Mila Kunis.

What’s your favorite place?
My bed!

Describe the view from your bedroom window!
Palm trees and roses and open space.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

What does your cat Kumo think about the redesign?
He’s all about the dining room chairs. They’re nice and massive so they accommodate his frame quite beautifully.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

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