Rumbatime Watches Launches Collection of Colorful Wrist Candy


When it comes to street style, there’s always that girl breezing down Avenue A who you can’t quite figure out. She has an easy walk, a free spirit, and she’s covered in baubles she most likely found on her worldly travels. You can imagine her frequenting the front row of fashion shows just as easily as you see her surfing monster waves on the opposite coast. Her arms are decked out in bangles, leather cuffs, and friendship bracelets. If you see a pop of color or two, most likely, it’s a Rumbatime Watch.

Seen on the likes of socialites, It girls, and surfers, as well as soccer moms and 6-year-olds, this new silicone watch retails at an insanely affordable $20 a pop. Drew Deters, Jay Hartington, and Joe Anto, three college buddies who ended up together in New York after going their separate ways post-graduation, came across a need, a concept, and a product, and got to work.

“Drew and I were in Italy, when we saw this concept that they created with watches made out of silicone,” Hartington said. “Italians tend to be on the forefront of fashion, but we saw it as having a lot more potential here. We saw something like that having a place in beach towns, as well as in the fashion community.”

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Hartington and Anto came home to New York, where they got Anto involved, and the business evolved. The three have all worked in finance at one time or another, so they knew the importance of acting quickly. They had to make the product functional, but of course cute too.

“The quality had to meet the quality of the marketplace but also have the right colors. We wanted to market to the sports demographic so the watches couldn’t be cheesy and the colors couldn’t suck,” Hartington said.

While the initial color palette consisted of basic colors in the rainbow, as the product developed, the crew at Rumbatime attempted to match each hue with current trends and designers.

“We used the colors of Zac Posen’s Spring ’10 collection for some inspirations, with mixing neutrals and neons. We’re working on tie-dyes now and jewel tones,” Hartington said. “It being winter, especially in New York, everyone wears black, so if you want a pop of color, it’s perfect to pair with anything.”

The colors are definitely memorable, but so is the name. “We looked for a name that had a lot of coincidences. We wanted something that was easy to say, carefree, had a fun sound to it, so we researched,” Deters said.

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The word Rumba, besides the dance, means to have fun and enjoy life. “It could be something more than a product,” Deters said. “It could be a party.”

The greatest things about Rumbatime watches are that you can wear them literally anywhere — to a party, the beach, even in the middle of a hurricane –and not have to worry. “They’re really durable, “Anto said. “The battery will last 12-18 months, and since it’s made from silicone, you can really do anything while wearing it and not be concerned.”

For those who spend quality trend time decking out your arms in bracelets and stacking watches, here’s a cheap, colorful way to keep those wrists warm and express yourself while you’re at it.

“It’s fun because it’s trendy now to fill your arm with bracelets and watches. So if you wear a gold bangle, something fabric, something that’s beaded, something leather, you can add a Rumbatime for that functional pop of color,” Hartington said.

So how many Rumbatime watches do people actually wear? “My girlfriend wears three.”

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Rumbatime watches, $20 each, are available at, Oak NYC, Marissa Collections, and Fred Segal Kids within the next few weeks.

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