Rugged Robert Pattinson, Galliano Tweets!

Kerry Pieri

I am an advocate of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger.


Robert Pattinson gets all sultry and Huck Finn on the new cover of Vanity Fair alligator included. (NY Mag)

J.Crew got bought out, officially. Shareholders were all wanting to sue when the sale was first announced because the board was never consulted. But overall, your sequin/khaki combos are remaining in tact. (The Cut)

Apparently, 84% of models who walked the runway for New York Fashion week were white. So much for diversity. (Jezebel)

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Agyness Deyn has yet to lose the badass in a recent Vogue China editorial. (Fashion Gone Rogue)

Lady Gaga will not only be handling music at the Mugler show, but she’ll also be dropping a new track on that runway. (Styleite)

RT @Jess_Stam I love the Jews and what he said is awful, but also sad to watch him leave Dior. Um, ok.

RT @Modelinia Remember the Vogue Australia issue dedicated to Anja Rubik? It’s here! — Heart her…

RT @littleylittley Riccardo Tisci is in line to replace John Galliano at Dior. Is that really true? #rumormill

RT @StanDarde OVERHEARD @STANDARDNY: “My dog got rid of all his Dior this morning. I think he felt it was the right thing to do.” This kind of cracked me up.

RT @johnjannuzzi John Jannuzzi i guess galliano could be a receptionist at vogue italia, they clearly don’t mind him. This totally cracked me up.

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