Rozlyn Papa Sex Tape Hits Web



And we’re pretty sure it’s her…

Rozlyn Papa has many talents: a model, a (booted) Bachelor contestant, and now the star of a sex tape. We’re not showing it to you here, but we’ve found it…and it’s almost certainly the scandalous blonde.

Is Rozlyn Papa doing this for attention? Sounds like it. When news exploded a few weeks ago that she’d starred in a sex tape, her reps didn’t even try to deny it. Now the Rozlyn Papa sex tape is one of the most talked about topics on the web, so even if she didn’t rise to Bachelor fame, notoriety is rising to her.

Our friends at TMZ report that the Rozlyn Papa sex tape “happens to end just like the Bachelor finale…with someone on their knees.” It’s not very flattering, and as our pals state, the woman in the video is someone who is “certainly resembling Rozlyn.”

If the actress in the 15-second video is indeed Rozlyn Papa, maybe she’d want to remember that she has a young son? Hmm. Just saying.

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Contributed by Kristine Gasbarre.

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