10 Relatable Royal Family Moments That Prove They’re Exactly Like Us

Relatable Royals Moments
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It’s easy to imagine the British royal family sipping tea and counting their crowns in their sprawling, lavish palaces, but in reality, they’re more like us than you think. Though Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and other royals will never be ordinary citizens (we can’t imagine them waiting in a sweaty subway station on their morning commute), they do encounter many relatable situations.

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Ahead, we’ve rounded up every relatable time the royals were exactly like us, from Prince William falling asleep during a presentation (been there) to the Duchess of Cambridge getting her shoe stuck in a grate. The royals are far from regular ol’ plebes like us, but, hey, if these instances are proof of anything, it’s that the universe doesn’t treat them any differently.

When Kate Middleton’s Heel Got Stuck in a Grate

Kate Middleton

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images.

Kate Middleton

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images.

Walking in heels is hard enough, but walking over a grate in heels requires skills that challenge even Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. In February 2018, Middleton visited staff at the Action to Addiction Community Treatment Center in Wickford, England. On her way to the building, Middleton walked over a strip-like grate, with dozens of tiny vertical holes. Naturally, the heel of her black pumps got stuck and Middleton had to yank it out. All in a day’s work!

When Prince William Almost Fell Asleep During an Assembly

Prince William was all of us when he was caught on video almost falling asleep at an Aznac Day service in April 2018. A video of the moment shows Prince William nodding off as the presentation goes on, and his brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle watch intently. The assembly was only a few days after the birth of Prince William’s third child, Prince Louis, so we totally get why a new dad would be tired. #Dadproblems don’t discriminate.

When Kate Middleton Responded to Sass with an Eye Roll

Middleton might as well be known as the UK’s honorary Queen of Sass, judging from this 2014 video of her rolling her eyes at an employee who told her to “keep wrapping!” at an event for New York City’s Northside Center for Child Development. Video of the moment shows Middleton rolling her eyes and pulling a face when she’s told to stop chatting and continue wrapping presents.

When a Gust of Wind Blew Meghan Markle’s Hair into Her Face

Meghan Markle

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

Meghan Markle

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

It was a very windy day when Markle and Queen Elizabeth attended a one-on-one outing in Cheshire, England, in June 2018. While they were sitting down for a presentation, a powerful gust of wind came and blew Markle’s hair into her face. Pictures from the event show Markle trying to control her long brown hair, which whips across her forehead and over her eyes. Markle’s hair is #goals, but even it isn’t immune to the power of Mother Nature.

When Kate Middleton Fist-Bumped a Little Kid

Middleton showed her cool side when she attended an event at the Shooting Star House Children’s Hospice in London and gave a little kid a very special gift: a fist bump. Video of the moment shows Middleton with a little girl who hugs her and then presents her fist to the duchess for a bump. Middleton returns the favor and bumps the girl’s fist with her own. However, the interaction didn’t end there. Middleton went on to shake her hand as if it was on fire, elevating the interaction from a fist bump to a bump then burn.

When Camilla Parker-Bowles Got Ice Cream on Her Face

Camila Parker Bowles

Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images.

When Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles visited Denmark in March 2012, they were after one thing: ice cream. The couple ended up visiting old-town Elsinore where they bought a cone at what is regarded as the oldest ice cream shop in Denmark. However, Parker-Bowles might’ve gotten a little excited as pictures from the event show her with ice cream on her face, including her nose. She was quick to wipe it off, though, so photographers couldn’t take more pictures of her ice-cream face. Embrace your inner ice cream stan, Camila!

When Kate Middleton Regretted Getting Bangs

Kate Middleton

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images.

Like many of us, Middleton experimented with bangs and hated it. In September 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge debuted sweet curtain-like bangs. However, within a month, she started clipping them back until they grew back fully, and she was able to bypass her regrettable bangs phase. At least we were graced with this picture of Middleton’s bangs flying all over. Been there, girl.

When Meghan Markle Flubbed Her Speech

Public speaking is every person’s nightmare, so when Markle messed up her speech at the Endeavor Fund Awards in February 2018, our hearts went out to her. Video from the event shows Markle speaking until she realizes that her script was mixed up with her co-presenter’s. There’s some awkward laughing and hair-touching before hosts get back on track. No big deal, Meghan!

When Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth Couldn’t Decide Who Should Get in the Car First

You know that awkward moment when you and your friend don’t know which one of you should get in the car first? Well, that happened to Markle and the Queen when they attended an event in Cheshire, England, in June 2018 and couldn’t decide who should get in the car first. Per tradition, the Queen is supposed to enter first, but there was a mishap and the two wavered for a while before Markle got in and the Queen followed.

When Kate Middleton Pretended Prince William Was Choking Her

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images.

We love a playful couple! When Middleton and Prince William attended the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, in July 2014, they took a break from watching the swimming competitions to have some fun in the stands. Pictures of the couple show them playing with Middleton’s lanyard. At one point, William pulls on it and Middleton sticks out her tongue as if she’s choking. Dark humor but so cute.