What the craziest thing you can buy to celebrate the royal wedding of Kate and Wills? Here's a run-down of the craziest and most off-the-wall finds.

Royal Wedding Swag: The Good, The Bad And The Just Plain Freaky

Jessica Rubin

Well folks, it’s been a whole year since Kate Middleton took a stroll down the aisle in a custom Alexander McQueen gown and tied the knot with Prince William. And boy has the time flown. Since then, we’ve worried that Kate was anorexic, wondered if she was pregnant and found out how many times she has to change when away on vacation with the royal family. Never a dull moment.

But despite the many, many, many rumors constantly surrounding Kate, Will and our beloved Pippa Middleton, one thing we’ll never forget is the amount of strange souvenirs that were sold all over England and beyond. Besides mugs and plates, we also spotted jean jackets, tank tops and flags. The royal wedding craze knows no bounds, so to commemorate one full year since the ultimate media frenzy, we’ve rounded-up several of the most noteworthy items of swag from that fateful day.

Click through the slideshow above to check out some Kate and Will souvenirs and let us know if we missed an item by dropping a line in the comments section below!