Prince Charles Reportedly Pays For Kate Middleton’s Wardrobe

Clare Todhunter

prince william kate middleton1 Prince Charles Reportedly Pays For Kate Middletons WardrobeIt costs a pretty penny to be one of the world’s leading style icons, and Duchess of Cambridge is thought to have spent at least £35 000 – about $55 000 – on her lavish wardrobe so far this year. While most celebrities can expect a substantial discount, Kate not only insists on paying full price for garments (well played), but she also chooses all her own outfits and refuses to accept any of the many free garments sent to her by designers.

It should be noted, however, that Prince William earns only a £44 000 salary as a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot, so it’s unlikely that he’s been the one meeting the costs of some of her more high-end, event-focused attire (read: McQueen, Erdem, etc). Instead, Britain’s Daily Mail reports that it is in fact the indulging Prince Charles who has been paying for the iconic style of his daughter-in-law. The future King is reportedly fond of Kate and doesn’t seem to mind footing the bill for her dresses, so long as they’re for ‘work-related’ events, which apparently come out of his household budget.

Prince Charles will reportedly be opening his accounts in the next few days to reveal his personal spending — including the costs of Kate’s wardrobe and last year’s royal wedding. Rest assured, we’ll be following that story as we hear more.

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