This Is What Rose Hanbury’s Friends Think About Those Royal Affair Rumors

Rose Hanbury.
Photo: Alan Davidson/Shutterstock

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the royal affair rumors that have been circulating the past couple months. You’re also probably now aware that they were absolutely false. However, Rose Hanbury’s friends are worried about how affair rumors may still be affecting the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. According to the Mail On Sunday’s June 5 report, friends of Hanbury are concerned that she isn’t doing well. While there is no validity to the rumors, there are many people who believed them and she has remained at the center of this drama for months now. The outlet’s sources added that despite any truth in the rumors, “people are worried about [Rose],” and “the most loyal friends are sticking by her but others, they haven’t.” So she’s lost people close to her because of the drama.

The reported drama between Kate Middleton and Hanbury—the reports that claimed Middleton was “phasing” her “out” of her close circle of friends—has apparently caused Hanbury “great distress.” And we aren’t surprised. These days, people will believe what they read on the internet without even fact-checking. So there are probably many people who still believe Hanbury had a hand in toiling with Prince William and Middleton’s relationship. Meanwhile, the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t be doing better following these silly rumors. The couple just snuck away for a little getaway and Middleton is more confident now than ever post-affair rumors, according to body language experts.

Rose Hanbury


And if Hanbury is having a hard go of it, she’s definitely not letting it beat her down too much. The Marchioness made a surprise appearance at the State Banquet for Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace on June 3. Many were quick to notice that Middleton was also in attendance but uh…hello! She’s married to the future king! Ofc she’s gonna be there. This was not an “uh-oh” situation. We’re guessing both women were very aware the other was going to be in attendance.

Needless to say, people love to stir up the drama. Fingers crossed the internet and the rumor mill ease up on Hanbury so she can enjoy her life in peace. And as for Middleton and Prince William? Their sweet little family of five seems as happy and beautiful as ever.