Rory Beca Blogs About Art, Music, Travel, and Farmer’s Markets


We love it when designers start to blog. Seriously, we can’t get enough. We just about died yesterday when we learned that Alexander McQueen is now on Twitter (@McQueenWorld), Refinery29 was kind enough to update us with a list of the best model bloggers this morning, and we’re still in love with Vena Cava’s constant flow of inspiration pics at Viva Vena Cava. How else would I know that a geode collection would be so cool?

Now, Rory Beca has thrown her hat into the ring. Starting yesterday, designer Rory Edelman began posting a visual blog of images and themes that inspire her to her website. Even better, the blog will incorporate limited edition fall pieces available for purchase.

In the Shop Lifestyle section of her site,, she posts under categories for art, travel, music, and farmers market. On each page, in addition to the things that inspire her will be the result of that inspiration, a model in a look with the limited edition clothes, and accessories.