Rooney Mara Is the Latest Celeb to Jump on the Platinum-Blonde Bandwagon

Rooney Mara is known for her moody, dark hair, which gave her a reserved, cool-girl air. No longer. She has joined Taylor Swift and Emma Stone in becoming platinum blonde, which officially means that no one is safe. If Mara, she of the pale skin and extra-dark hair and brows, who exuded a slight gothic ambience wherever she went, can go full-on bleach-blonde, anyone can. Who is next? Selena Gomez? Angelina Jolie? Megan Fox? It seems as though no one is immune to the siren song of a bottle of bleach.

Though she’s often spotted out and about in NYC, and she has a definite penchant for rock & roll staples such as leather jackets or all-black ensembles, it seems as though she’s really letting her inner rocker-chick flag fly now that her hair is white-blonde. Both shots we’ve seen of her since she went to town on the bleach are exceptional examples of ’90s grunge, complete with worn concert tees, a flannel shirt, or an oversize jean jacket.

In other news, she was spotted yesterday on the subway in NYC, trying to camouflage herself into a corner of the train but failing miserably. It’s the blonde hair, Rooney!