Room of the Week: Margherita Missoni’s Bohemian Milan Bedroom

Leah Bourne

margm room Room of the Week: Margherita Missonis Bohemian Milan BedroomMargherita Missoni may be renowned for her prominent place as an heiress to the Missoni fashion house, but we have always admired her bohemian fashion sense which combines flirty vintage pieces with designer picks created by her famous family. When we got a glimpse of her bedroom in her Milan apartment we were instantly in love! Read on for tips on how to get inspired by our room of the week.
1. Splurge on a Headboard. The centerpiece of this room is undoubtedly the gorgeous cushioned headboard trimmed in Mahogany. It looks like an antique, and given this is Missoni’s bedroom we bet that it is. We love the headboard because it has basically become a work of art unto itself.
2. Mix and Match Patterns. Florals, polka dots, leopard, and a damask print are all mixed effortlessly in this room. Missoni definitely took the more is more approach and it works.
3. More is More When Art is Concerned. The walls of this bedroom are covered in art. It looks to be a mix of vintage finds, family heirlooms, mirrors, and real art, and the end look couldn’t be more chic. The best part? It is a look that is easy to replicate. Comb your local antique sales and stock up on small, gorgeous pieces to cover your wall in.
4. A Dash of Glamour Goes a Long Way. Instead of a classic footstool at the end of her bed, Missoni placed two identical leopard stools. The addition feels like just the right amount of va-va-voom glamour in an otherwise girly pink room.
5. Mirror Your Decor To Your Personal Style. Our favorite part of this room is that it completely mirrors Missoni’s personal style (we can totally imagine her lounging on the bed in glamourous PJs). It is a decor lesson that we can all take away with us.
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