Room of the Week: Ivanka Trump’s Bedroom Is As Glam As It Gets

Leah Bourne

ivanka room Room of the Week: Ivanka Trumps Bedroom Is As Glam As It GetsIvanka Trump is a true rarity—glamour girl coupled with business tycoon. The bedroom she shares with husband Jared Kushner in New York City kind of looks exactly as we would expect it too—utterly perfect (seriously, Ivanka, when are you inviting us over for a sleepover?). Sure, we might not all hail from a billion dollar real estate family, but there are still some key decor lessons to take away from this room.
1. Oversized Art Work Instead of Headboard. A great tip to take away from this room is that you don’t need a fancy headboard if you have a large piece of artwork hanging above your bed. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Trump’s Mariah Robertson prints are pretty jaw-dropping. Still, this isn’t a terribly hard look to mimic in your own bedroom.
2. Faux Fur Gives a Glam Touch. The obvious statement piece in this room is the fur blanket. Plenty of great faux fur blankets abound. Personally, we are pretty obsessed with Dennis Basso’s Fox Collection Faux Fur Throw which sells for $85 on QVC.
3. Lacquer, Lacquer, Lacquer. Lacquer bedside tables? Check. Lacquer storage unit? Check. Both pieces add the perfect modern touch to this room.
4. Think Floral. The oversized cherry blossoms add a Japanese-influence to this room. The best part? A cherry blossom arrangement is pretty hard to get wrong, you just need a large enough vase.
5. Keep It Clean. We love that despite various glam touches in the room, this room is all about minimalism. This is the kind of bedroom that you can actually get a good’s nights rest in. And that’s what we love about it.
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