Rooftop Films Summer Screenings Started This Weekend


Have you ever fallen asleep in a movie theater only to wake up at the closing credits and think, “Well. That was the most expensive nap I’ve ever taken”?

Rooftop Films is a committee that organizes rooftop movie screenings and live music performances and can more or less ensure that you will not fall asleep during these features. Friday night, Rooftop Films opened their summer 2009 season hosting the evening, “This is What We Mean by Short Films” with a series of inspiring short films and music provided by Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Rooftop FIlms will be hosting screenings every weekend from now until September 20th. Doors open at 8PM, live music starts at 8:30PM and movie screening begins at 9PM. Between the setting, the live music by underground Indie acts, and the movie entertainment, you will not be dozing during these films.

For a complete scheduled listing of the movies showing (bands have yet to be announced), click here and I’ll help keep you posted as details come together every weekend. The next showing is on Friday May 22nd at the Open Road Rooftop screening Romantic Short Films. Romantic movies on a rooftop? Is it just me or did it just get sexier in here?

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