Rodarte Won’t Win An Oscar For Best Costume, So Who Will?

Kerry Pieri

I think everyone was a little disappointed when it came to light that Rodarte couldn’t win an Academy Award for Best Design for Black Swan because they failed to include a stipulation about awards in their contract. This leads me to think I should always stipulate that I am eligible for any and all awards in any and all contracts signed in perpetuity. But also, and more to the point, Jil Sander’s Raf Simons can win, and I love Jil Sander and the Spring 2011 collection in particular and Tilda Swinton even more so I think that’s awesome.

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In case you’re confused, Simons collaborated with costume designer Antonella Cannarozzi for Tilda Swinton‘s character Emma Recchi’s costumes in the beautiful Milan-based film, I Am Love, and now they’ve been nominated for a Best Costume Design Oscar.

Swinton is cast as an insanely wealthy, mildly to majorly unhappy wife who has, of course, impeccable style think of the elegance, luxury and restraint of minimal Jil Sander. Watch the clip below and get convinced, lest you think only period dramas and Sci-Fi should win costume awards. Don’t be so small minded, dahling.