Rodarte For Target, Who We See Wearing The Collection


Late December cannot come fast enough–and no, it’s not because of the holidays (well, ok, we’re a little excited for those too). But the real reason we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the year’s end is because of Rodarte‘s line for Target, which debuts in stores nationwide on December 20.

While the Mulleavy sisters and the bullseye brand have been keeping mum about the collection for the most part, we’ve been watching their moves closely and piecing together clues for months. Of the looks we’ve witnessed thus far, here are some of our favorites along with the leading ladies we’d love to see save a buck (or a thousand) and don a Rodarte look for less.

Mary-Kate Olsen (above): We know how much Mary-kate loves Rodarte, and we also know she loves black–and judging from this photo, she’s a big fan of the skull trend too (take a close look at her scarf). So who better to wear this sequin skeleton dress than our beloved MK? It’s the perfect look to complement her badass style–all she needs are a few knuckle dusters to finish it off (but we’re pretty sure she’s already got one…or one hundred of those lying around at home).


Natalie Portman: We’re thinking this mustard yellow cardigan and tulle skirt combo would be a beautiful color to complement Natalie’s dark hair and glowing skin–and it’s a color we haven’t seen her in recently, if ever.


Kate Bosworth: When we first saw Kate Bosworth in this beige Rodarte dress at a dinner honoring the label’s designers, we immediately fell in love. Plus Kate looks so amazing in the neutral color, we’d love to see her do a repeat.


Rachel Bilson: For the LBD version of this feminine frock, we’d die to see Rachel Bilson take it down the red carpet. For only $40, we’re convinced that Bilson would be the prettiest young thing at the party, and we’re sure Hayden Christian Anderson would agree!


Kirsten Dunst: Often opting for a simple jeans and tee combo, Kirsten’s style always exudes an effortless cool. She could easily update her Breton stripes with this Rodarte for Target vest thrown over, and take the look up a notch for night by adding this navy skirt and replacing the vest with a sequin bolero.