Rodarte for Target: A Field Guide to the Pieces You Need


Chances are high that the first time you rushed to Target in hopes of scoring the best pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection, all the key items you wanted had already been snatched up. With the mad dash for the clothing racks that happened in Target stores nationwide, one would’ve thought that Robert Pattinson was inside. The good news comes in the form of one word: restock. Even if you weren’t the first to sport the goods, you can now shop in peace for all the lacey, animal-print collab pieces you want — without playing tug-of-war with other shoppers.

The other good news: we’ve already done the edit for you. Here are the 8 pieces that are definitely worth the dent in your credit card bill.

1. Crepe Slip Lace Dress (above), $39.99, at

Why you need it: It’s the perfect feminine piece for your wardrobe that can also be styled for an edgier look. Throw on some black military boots and a few knuckle dusters and you’ll fit right in at next weekend’s rock concert.

2. Enzyme Stone Wash Denim Jacket, $39.99, at
Why you need it: A classic denim jacket is a staple for every closet. This version’s braided detailing and rolled cuffs will make you feel less like a pop star from the 80s, and more like a modern fashionista.

Sequin Leopard Print Dress, $44.99, at

Why you need it: Sequins and leopard print are decidedly two of our favorite additions to any outfit. A dress that combines our two favorite things? Sold.

Lace and Tulle Crepe Skirt, $29.99, at
Why you need it: We’ve been seeing this mustard hue everywhere lately, so you’ll be right on trend with this lacey tulle number. It’s appropriate enough for the office, but still gives you some major style cred.

Lace Print with Bow Top, $14.99, at
Why you need it: A menswear-inspired piece is a must-have of the season, but this adorable tee allows you to hold onto your femininity at the same time.

Leopard Print Lace Dress, $44.99, at
Why you need it: If you have yet to fill your closet with any animal print, this is your chance. It’s our favorite piece from the entire Rodarte for Target collection, with big b0ws down the back to add a little oopmh to a standard leopard number.

Cotton Striped Long Sleeve Top, $16.99, at
Why you need it: Breton stripes are going nowhere. Anyone who’s anyone has worn them: Alexa Chung, Brigitte Bardot, even Picasso. It’s time to get your own set of stripes.

Mesh Lace Cardigan, $29.99, at
Why you need it: The bitter cold temperatures have us running out to the nearest store to stock up on cardigans and sweaters. This is one that will keep you warmer now, but is light enough to wear well into spring and even on those chillier summer nights.

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