CBGB is getting revived once again with a summer music festival and possibly even as a music venue!

Watch Out Coachella! CBGB Is Getting Its Own Music Festival

Susie G

cbgb articlelarge1 Watch Out Coachella! CBGB Is Getting Its Own Music Festival

New York-based music festival nerds, prepare to be stoked: the former legendary rock club CBGB (which used to be the famous stomping grounds for such iconic acts like The Ramones and Blondie) is getting revived once again, this time in festival form. Thanks to a handful of investors with some bread and a sweet-as-fudge vision of the future, CBGB will soon be getting its own music festival sometime this summer with a possibility of re-opening the club at a new downtown location (currently, the historic 315 Bowery is now being occupied as a John Varvatos boutique).

But why do these investors (a few of which had ties with the rock joint back in the day) want to put together a music festival when the city already sees its fair share throughout the year, including CMJ, Governor’s Ball and all the other random music festivals that pop up around Brooklyn every summer?

According to a New York Times article, the investors, “…hope that the festival will revive the wide-open artistic aesthetic associated with CBGB, which in its heyday served as an incubator for influential acts…”. One investor in the NYT article mentioned how he hopes that this CBGB music festival will serve as another platform to support the live music community.

The festival has already gained a few confirmed bands to play, including Guided by Voices and the Pains of Being Pure at Heart (who just so happened to play our SXSW concert last year, as seen in the photo below).

Pains of Being Pure At Heart

One thing that will set this music festival venture apart from others around the Big Apple is the fact that the festival performances will be held throughout various music venues and large outdoor stages in the city, very much like how CMJ and SXSW in Austin do their annual events. The festival is also set to have a few film screenings as well (which is also similar to CMJ), as well as hosting a few conferences and workshops which will be an opportunity for emerging musicians to get some insight on how to break into the biz.

As far as prospects of a sequel to the historic CBGB opening up, the investors are planning to find a new home for the would-be hotspot around the ‘hoods of Lower Manhattan – where any number of quality nightclubs exist, obviously. And there’s even a good chance that if and when the new venue opens you’ll even see a few tchotchkes from the original CBGB club hanging up and around the born-again rock joint.

Even though we’re totally nerding and stoking out over here at the office about this news, we’re wondering how much of a crowd or even how much of an interest this CBGB festival and potential club have on local music lovers. Has the ship already sailed for this iconic music venue or will the S.S. CBGB sail its way into revival glory?

[CBGB Photo via NYT]