This Model Is Boycotting the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Because of a Lack of Size Diversity

Victoria's Secret
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret.

The 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is less than two months away, but there’s one model who won’t be walking nor watching. Robyn Lawley, a curve model who has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan Australia, is calling for fans to boycott the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show over a lack of size diversity.

Lawley announced her boycott on Wednesday with an Instagram of her and her daughter, alongside a caption explaining why she won’t be shopping at Victoria’s Secret anymore and why she encourages others to do the same. Lawley, who also created a petition for the cause, accused Victoria’s Secret of promoting the same body and size for 30 years.

“Victoria Secret have dominated the space for almost 30 years by telling women there is only one kind of body beautiful,” she wrote. “As women I want us all to join together and say I AM enough, I AM beautiful, I AM unique and I WANT to see my body shape represented in your shows or I vow to never buy your product again!”

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Lawley explained that she, herself, has felt insecure from looking at Victoria’s Secret ads. As a mother who doesn’t want her daughter to experience the same insecurities and complexes, she called for fans to pressure Victoria’s Secret into casting more diverse bodies.

“I have a daughter and I REFUSE to let her grow up with those limited ideals, the potential that she might not achieve in life by worrying more about fitting into this ridiculous idea that a bra size is more important than her physical and emotional health!” Lawley wrote. “I have spent a lot of my life looking at women in their ads that didn’t look like me, didn’t walk like me, and didn’t make me feel good about myself. I never felt like I was enough when I looked at myself through Victoria’s Secret’s lens.”

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Lawley ended her message by urging fans to sign her petition, boycott the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and share her message on Instagram, with the caption #weareallangels. With each share, Lawley said ThirdLove, a size-inclusive lingerie company, will donate one bra to Support the Girls, a nonprofit that provides bras to homeless women.

“Let’s start reteaching everyone that there is more than just one kind of beauty or one kind of sexy,” Lawley wrote. “The female gaze is powerful, and together, we can celebrate the beauty of our diversity. It’s about time Victoria’s Secret celebrated the customers that fuel its bottom line.”

As of yet, Victoria’s Secret hasn’t responded to the boycott.