5 Reasons Why Robin Thicke Might Be Parodying Miley Cyrus In His New Video

Meghan Blalock

robin thicke give it 2 u

Robin Thicke’s just-released music video for his song “Give It 2 U” (which, as an aside, is totally a Jordan Knight throwback) recalls the creative efforts of Thicke’s VMA-partner-in-crime Miley Cyrus in some pretty major ways.

The similarities are so striking, in fact, that we just can’t help but think Thicke is either paying homage to, or utterly parodying Miley’s wild “We Can’t Stop” video, as well as her performance at this weekend’s MTV Video Music awards.

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Before you watch the clip below, consider the following:

1. Miley, um, had some fun with a giant foam finger at the VMAs; Robin Thicke features them in his new video (and in the “Blurred Lines” video, too.)

miley cyrus robin thicke 1

2. Both singers share a love for re-appropriating delights typically reserved for kids: Miley danced wearing a huge stuffed teddy bear on her back; Robin’s new video vixen rocks some oversized cotton candy on her head.

miley cyrus teddy bear

3. Robin seems to have copied Miley’s penchant for wearing Beetlejuice stripes.

miley cyrus robin thicke

4. They’re both, apparently, in gender-geared partnerships with Beats by Dr. Dre. (Guess which product placement appears in which video!)

beats by dr dre

5. And, last but certainly not least, there’s plenty of ass.

miley cyrus ass VMAs

Like, plenty.

miley cyrus ass 2

Look, Robin Thicke even calls out all the ass in his video by name.


We rest our case. Watch Robin Thicke’s new music video and judge for yourselves!