Robin Thicke: ‘I Was High and Drunk Every Time I Did an Interview Last Year’

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It hasn’t exactly been Robin Thicke’s year—first he broke up with wife Paula Patton and then got sued by Marvin Gaye’s family for allegedly ripping of “Got to Give It Up” when creating his and Pharrell Williams‘ hit song “Blurred Lines.”

During a deposition for the case, Thicke spilled just how troubled he’s been lately. In response to a question from Gaye’s family’s lawyer asking if Thicke was present when Pharrell created “Blurred Lines,” Thicke said, “I was high on Vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio,” maintaining that he wasn’t that involved in creating the song TMZ is reporting. “The reality is, is that Pharrell had the beat and he wrote almost every single part of the song,” he continued.

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The problem with this statement is that earlier Thicke had told GQ: “Pharrell and I were in the studio and I told him that one of my favorite songs of all time was Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got to Give it Up.’ I was like, ‘Damn, we should make something like that, something with that groove.'”

In response to that interview, Thicke said in his deposition: “With all due respect, I was high and drunk every time I did an interview last year…Every day, I woke up, I would take a Vicodin to start the day and then I would fill up a water bottle with vodka and drink it before and during my interviews.”

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Yikes! Regardless of how “Blurred Lines” came to be its clear that Thicke had a serious problem, and it’s good to hear that he is now two-months sober. We hope he keeps it up.

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