Roberto Cavalli Will Have Sex 15,000 Times Before He Dies

Spencer Cain

Roberto Cavalli has a lot to say. The Italian fashion designer is gearing up to open his first boutique in Japan, and he’s going against the grain and avoiding the traditional shopping district, Ginza. Instead, his store will open in the Aoyama neighborhood, which caters to a younger audience.

“I like Japanese young people, so I want to be with them a little more often,” he told WWD. “I think this is a really winning strategy,” he continued. “I will demonstrate this to the dear Messrs. Chanel or other people like that. Fine, you dress the grandmothers and the mothers and I’ll dress their kids.”

Hmm…sounds like fighting words to me! I get his point though — perhaps separating himself from the more popular stores will help him re-establish his brand identity, which Donatella Versace wrote off as a Versace rip-off.

And his global presence is only just beginning, according to him. “I’m young, I have another 50 years of life,” he said, prior to announcing that he would have sex 15,000 times before he passes away. Well, I’m not saying he doesn’t look great for 70, but this is just not something I want to think about.

Please, Mr. Cavalli – stick to bold, occasionally tacky animal prints – not the number of notches in your headboard.

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