Roberto Cavalli Apparently Thinks Michael Kors ‘Copies Everything’

Sarah Barnes

Roberto Cavalli is known for his outspoken nature, and now the flashy Italian designer is capturing the public’s attention for bashing Micheal Kors for the second time in mere months during an interview with Miami’s Haute Living magazine.

“Mr. Michael Kors, he copies everything!” he said, after telling the magazine that he’s okay with fast-fashion stores like Zara, because their wares are meant to sold at low costs. About Kors, he added: “It’s really a scandal and nobody has the courage to say anything. It’s really not fair.”

This isn’t the first time Cavalli has alleged that Kors isn’t 100% original, as he first brought it up in December during an interview with

“Americans like Michael Kors! And you love so many other designers who do that — he’s not American fashion. He is international fashion made in America. It’s not fair. The American women, they all dress the same. He’s one of the biggest copy designers in the world. I just want to tell him to stop copying me! Stop! All the time I write those comments on Instagram. He copies everybody!”

Cavalli has yet to expand on which other designs he claims Kors has copied, and Kors—known for his friendly manner towards those in the industry—has remained quiet, not addressing the accusations at all.

Honestly, Kors has become a billionaire for creating wearable sportswear for modern women, and Cavalli is known for slinky, over-the-top, sexy clothes, so we’re not sure where the issue is.

Has Kors ever used zebra print? Yes, but a thousand other designers do too. Has Kors ever created campaigns which show sexy women jet-setting on yachts and planes? Sure, but in a very different way than Cavalli.

What do you think: Should Cavalli keep his mouth closed about Michael Kors? Sound off below! 

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Photo: Getty