Robert Pattinson Wouldn’t Mind An Elaborate Wedding

Spencer Cain

As I’m pretty sure literally everyone in the entire world knows, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (also known to some as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson), will be wed in the upcoming Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1. If you’ve watched any of the many teasers that have been released to make Twihards quake with anticipation, their wedding will be lavish. I’m talking Kardashian lavish.

The Midsummer Night’s Dream theme isn’t exactly the most subtle, tasteful thing I can think of, but if a big budget blowout bash is your thing, then it’s pretty much perfect. Bella will be decked out in a Carolina Herrera white satin wedding gown that would cost thousands upon thousands if this were real life (and not a weird world where vampires existed and Taylor Lautner was considered dangerous).

THR had the audacity to actually ask Pattinson about his real life wedding yesterday at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, and if he would ever consider such a spectacle as his character received. He replied, “I was just doing an interview with Kristen and she got angry with me for saying that the groom’s role in a wedding is basically just as a prop. Even playing the part, it’s such a clear indication of whose day it is when you’re standing at the end of the aisle and the entire congregation is looking the other way. And you’re in the same suit as every guy in the wedding and she’s a princess dress walking down the aisle.”

Well, I guess Bobby has some problems sharing the spotlight! Never fear though, he would still be up for it if his bride-to-be so desired. “I really don’t mind,” he stated. “I just won’t want to have to wear a silly outfit.” Okay, this is a long shot here, but if Rob and K-Stew get married, all I can say is I have a feeling she won’t exactly want a princess wedding. I’m pretty sure she’ll just throw on a pair of ratty Converse and call it a day.

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