Robert Pattinson Wants To “Strangle” Person Who Invented “R-Patz”

Spencer Cain

fullres 11 690x474 Robert Pattinson Wants To Strangle Person Who Invented R PatzThese days, you can’t be considered an A-list actor unless you have a laundry list of complaints about your fame. For Twilight stars  Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, that list always seems longer than others — from bemoaning their hordes of fans to complaining about tabloids trailing their every move.  While those issues maybe be understandable, there are certain sides to fame that celebrities probably shouldn’t get too bent out of shape about — like silly nicknames.

Speaking to The Guardian recently, Pattinson expressed his frustration about the particular moniker editors had bestowed upon him: “When I got this part [in Cosmopolis], every single article that came out was, ‘R-Patz’s struggle for credibility!’ I don’t understand who invented that thing, ‘R-Patz.’ I want to strangle them.”

Now, while there’s nothing more annoying than being called a nickname you don’t like, Pattinson might want to consider relaxing and not biting the hand that feeds him quite so hard. On that note, can we also point out that R-Patz is far from the worst moniker out there? Using names like “Brangelina” and “Bennifer” to describe some of the most iconic celebrity couples of the moment are far less appealing. Anyway people, it’s time to ‘fess up (and possibly risk strangulation): Who coined “R-Patz”?

Photo via Getty Images