Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Romance Confirmation: Cover-Up?


It was one of our biggest stories of 2010, and now our source is being questioned. We reported Tuesday to massive reader interest that Robert Pattinson had given a red carpet interview last weekend stating that Kristen Stewart was indeed his girlfriend. His press agents aren’t denying or confirming the statement, which a UK paper is calling “unusual for them.” Did someone make up the Stewart story to cover up for Pattinson’s so-called racist comment in Details?

Robert Pattinson’s riveting interview in Details came out last week. The feature is making serious waves, after Pattinson used the word “Negroes in a way that critics feel was unacceptably insensitive.

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Then this week, The Sun UK quoted Rob saying that he and Kristen are in fact “together.”The pair had attended a London red carpet event separately on Sunday, and Rob reportedly said their different entrances only took place because they can’t step out in public in front of a gathered crowd — it’s too “difficult.”

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Reporters have run to Pattinson’s camp for confirmation of Pattinson’s Kristen confession, and Rob’s people aren’t being clear about whether Rob actually said it. Insiders are saying Rob’s keepers hope the Kristen Stewart rumor will overshadow the controversy over Rob’s “Negro” comment.

However, it’s also being speculated that The Sun made up the quote completely…so don’t take down your Cullen posters in defeat just yet.

Contributed by Kristine Gasbarre.

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