Robert Pattinson Gets In Bed With Himself (No, Really)

Jamie Rose

sipausa 1107976311 Robert Pattinson Gets In Bed With Himself (No, Really)Kristen Stewart’s perpetually brooding boyfriend just got a little too in touch with himself… literally.

Robert Pattinson took part in a 13-hour photoshoot that shows him in bed with a pregnant woman and then himself again on the other side of her practically naked. The spread, which will be featured in French magazine Premiere, is supposed to pay homage to the director of Cosmopolis — the film he recently starred in.

It has been widely reported that the upcoming movie will show a different side of Pattinson’s acting skills, since most of the world now famously associates him as Twilight‘s resident emo kid Edward Cullen (but we still remember him as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter!). RPatz, you can try, but you can’t hide the fact that Twilight made you a star.

Sure, this shoot is super creepy and something that we would most likely see Lady Gaga pulling (she did makeout with herself after all), but I guess it is considered art. And if he wants to be a nice actor and pay tribute to something he’s proud of, then good for him!

Take a look at the photo below and let us know your thoughts. Would you want to join this party?

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