Robert Pattinson Admits He Buffed Up for Nude Love Scenes

Spencer Cain

While his Twilight costar Taylor Lautner has been praised for his ultra-toned abs long before he was old enough to buy cigarettes or lottery tickets in the United States, Robert Pattinson hasn’t been as lucky. In fact, on the set of the second installment in the series, New Moon, blogs were buzzing about how they thought his abs were Photoshopped.

It’s safe to say that our favorite dirty British lad has upped the ante for Breaking Dawn, where viewers will get the chance to witness the much-anticipated sex scenes between Robert and Kristen Stewart. According to Mexican magazine 15a20, Robbie was super insecure about working alongside Taylor, so in order to prepare for the sex scenes, he put in a substantial amount of time at the gym.

“The body of the characters seem to be a big deal. So in this movie, I thought, ‘OK, it’s the last one, I’m getting a six pack,’ and I tried, but it’s very hard,” he said. “I worked out so hard for six months, so after filming the sex scene, the first thing I thought was, ‘Time to eat!'”

Not to get into their alleged (semi-confirmed) offscreen relationship, but I gotta wonder if K-Stew prefers Rob’s former soft bod or his newly chiseled abdominal situation. Either way, the boy looks good, and I’m sure you Twihards are thrilled by the beef-up.

Image courtesy of Sipa.