What Rob Kardashian Has Been Up to Since His Breakup with Blac Chyna

What Rob Kardashian Has Been Up to Since His Breakup with Blac Chyna
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When it comes to Rob Kardashian’s recent photos and news, there’s not much out there. Since his explosive breakup with Blac Chyna two years ago, the only Kardashian brother has been pretty much M.I.A. He doesn’t have an Instagram. He almost never uses Twitter. And he’s not even on Keeping Up with the Kardashians anymore, aside from a few cameos here and there. (If there ever was a time to keep up with a Kardashian, it would be now.)

Unlike his sisters—Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie—whose lives play out on social media, Rob is more private. He only posts for special occasions, like the holidays, and even then, it doesn’t tell is much. (Perhaps he’s learned from his 2017 social media spat with Chyna, in which he broke down on Snapchat after his ex took their daughter, Dream, without a warning, and he shared her nude photos on his Instagram in retaliation.)

Still, despite how private he’s become, Rob is still a Kardashian, and one way or another, fans and the media have found updates on his life. From updates on his body transformation to sweet photos of his 2-year-old daughter Dream, Rob has been busy rebuilding his life since his 2017 breakup. Here’s everything he’s been up to.

His Relationship with Blac Chyna

After Rob shared private and explicit photos of Chyna on his Instagram, she filed a restraining order against him, stating that the photo leak was an act of revenge porn and domestic abuse and that Rob had been violent towards her and her son, King Cairo, whom Chyna shares Tyga. “Rob immediately grabbed my phone and pushed me to the ground by aggressively shoving me by the side of my arm and hitting me on the side,” Chyna said in court in 2017. “I fell down from the blow to my side. I was sore and it hurt to walk.”

The restraining order was granted, prohibiting Rob from coming near Chyna or posting about her on social media. As for what their relationship is like now, a source told People in January 2019 that Rob and Chyna are co-parenting their daughter, Dream but “don’t have a relationship.” “When it comes to Chyna, he really wants to move on,” the source said. “They don’t have a relationship and deal with Dream through an intermediary.”

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna


Rob and Chyna did make news in January 2019, however, when Rob shared a sexy photo of Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy on Instagram, who happens to be one of Chyna’s nemeses. Following the photo, which was captioned with “My WCW,” TMZ reported that Chyna threw a drink at Skyy at a Los Angeles party. Video of the moment shows Chyna walking away calmly, as Skyy is restrained by other party-goers.

In November 2018, TMZ reported that Rob went to court to try to reduce the $20,000-a-month child support agreement he had with Chyna, claiming that he could no longer afford it. In February 2019, Chyna clapped back at Rob, as well as the father of her other child, Tyga, on Instagram live claiming that she doesn’t receive child support from either father and that she’s been able to parent her children on her own. “Fuck Toni, fuck Tyga, fuck Rob, fuck everybody else. I never asked Tyga for child support, Rob for child support, whatever, and then we just went to court,” she said, also referring to her mother, Tokyo Toni. “I try to squash s—, which I did, but none of that comes out. It’s only negative shit with Chyna… I never wanted no money from Rob because it was never about that. Period.”

His Relationship with Dream

Aside from his child support battle with Chyna, Rob’s relationship with Dream has lived up to her name. For Valentine’s Day 2019, Rob tweeted a photo of Dream surrounded by stuffed animals and toys, with the caption: “Happy Valentine’s Day baby girl‼️ Daddy LOVES YOU 💙💙” In December, he shared another photo of dream smiling, with the caption: “my babbbbyyyy.”

In January 2019, a source told People that Rob is dedicated to raising Dream, despite his relationship with her mother. “Dream is the cutest little girl. She is very happy and so much fun to be around,” the source said. “Rob’s family just wants Dream to be raised in the best way possible.” The source added, “Regardless of the issues that Rob is dealing with, it’s pretty clear that the environment that Rob and his family can offer Dream is the healthiest for her.”

The source also claimed that Rob wants Dream to have a relationship with her mom and that he “never wanted” the Chyna to be “cut out of Dream’s life.” “Rob always wanted Dream to spend time with her mom, too,” the source said. “He has never wanted Chyna to be cut out of Dream’s life. But, he also doesn’t want Dream to be raised by a nanny while her mom is off partying out of state.” The source’s comment came after Chyna partied in Hawaii in January 2019 and left Dream to stay with a nanny in Los Angeles instead of allowing her to stay with Rob.

In February 2019, The Shade Room shared the following photo of Dream, in which many fans believe she looks like a mini-me of Rob. “The Kardashian genes are strong. She looks like Rob, Rob’s father, and Mason lol,” one commented. Another added, “Lmao omg she does look like her daddy but she got black chyna attitude clearly 😂”

His Relationship with His Family

Though he hasn’t appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for a couple of seasons, Rob remains close with his family. In December 2018, after Rob was missing from the Kardashian Christmas card, Khloe Kardashian clapped back at a fan who claimed that Rob’s sisters don’t care about him. “My brother is my entire world! He is definitely a king,” Khloe responded. “It is a shame that you can’t respect us for respecting his privacy. You should not comment if you truly aren’t informed on our family.” That same month, Rob and Dream made a rare appearance at the Kardashian Christmas celebration, where he was seen opening presents with his siblings.

Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner


As for if he will return to KUWTK anytime soon, Rob’s sister, Kim Kardashian, told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that the only Kardashian will make his grand return in the show’s 16th season. “I think he is going to be a little bit more in the next season,” Kim said. “He has his moods. Sometimes he’s like, ‘Look, I didn’t sign up for this,’ and then sometimes he’s like, ‘I’m cool to do it.’” As for how he is, Kim added, ““He’s doing good” while Khloe said, “He’s great.”

Rob’s mom, Kris Jenner, said the same about his return to KUWTK in an interview with Us Weekly in August 2018. “I think we’ll probably see Rob more in [season] 16 than in 15,” she said “We actually start shooting season 16 in a month, if you can believe that.”

Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian

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Rob Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian

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His Health and His Body

In 2015, Rob revealed on social media that he’s gained more than 100 pounds, weighing around 250 pounds as of 2016. Since then, much of his health and weight-loss journey has been documented on KUWTK, with his family expressing concern over his physical and mental wellbeing. In 2016, he was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. In 2016, Rob told People that his weight gain was one of the reasons he stopped filming KUWTK and even missed out on some of his sister Kim’s wedding in 2014. “I just wasn’t down to have photographers follow me, so I made sure I was away from all of that,” he said. “I’m very good at disappearing.”

And though much of Rob’s mental and physical health struggles have played out in the media (following his explosive breakup with Chyna in 2017), his family assures that, as of late, he’s working toward a healthier and happier lifestyle. “Rob is good. He’s doing better and better,” Kris told Us Weekly in August 2018. “He’s working on his health and learning more and more about what it’s like to live with kind of the leftovers of the diabetes that he struggles with from time to time, and working on his, you know, just your nutrition and your health.”

She added, “I think he’s getting better at understanding how that all works, like I do every day, by the way. I’ve been reading so much about nutrition and health. My mom and my cousin have struggled with some health issues recently. Nothing serious, just nutritionally, and like what you should and shouldn’t be eating. So it’s all very interesting. I feel like our body is just one big scientific experiment.”