YIKES: Rob Kardashian Didn’t go to KimYe’s Wedding, Deletes all His Tweets

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Rob in 2013 (Photo: Fame Flynet)

Boy, those Kardashian girls really don’t do well with brothers. On the heels of a report that Kim’s stepbrother Brody Jenner bailed on the super-size nups, TMZ is reporting that Rob Kardashian also didn’t go the wedding due to some “family drama.”

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Apparently, Rob was in Florence fully intending to go to the ceremony, but fled Italy late last night in a hurry. TMZ was told the Rob was in tears while desperately trying to secure a seat back to L.A.

We cant help but feel awful for the youngest Kardashian, as he’s been the butt of some seriously nasty press lately about his weight. It definitely seems like Rob could care less about the fame his family so desperately seeks (and receives), and the headlines truly seem to be hurting his feelings.

On May 20, he went on a Twitter rant about the media’s sudden focus on his weight, tweeting (among other things) the heartbreaking: “so i found out i was trending for being fat… thank you all it really made my day :)”

However, it seems Rob has since deleted every single Tweet he’s ever written to his 5 million followers (he joined in 2009), and as of now, only has 12 new ones. It also seems he has zero Instagram photos

We won’t speculate about what’s going on with his family, but he really must be hurting to skip his sister’s wedding, and the biggest celebrity event of the century year. Head to TMZ now to see a video of Rob arriving at LAX after hightailing it out of Italy.