Rob Gronkowski Just Announced He’s Retiring For the 2nd Time—Here’s Why He’s ‘Walking Away’

Rob Gronkowski
Photo: AP Images

One last say. Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on June 21, 2022. Gronk posted an Instagram post about his decision to retire for the second time.

The tight end started the lengthy Instagram post with a reflection on his career. “In college, I was asked to write about a dream job opportunity that I wanted to pursue and where the location would be. Every time I had to write about my future, no matter what, I picked being a professional football player,” he wrote. “For that assignment though, we had to pick the location. So I wrote that I wanted to play in Tampa for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, for many reasons, the sunny weather being #1.”

Gronk joined the NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 after announcing that he was coming back from his initial retirement when he played for the New England Patriots. “The journey in Tampa over the last 2 years has blown away what I originally wrote about in college, big time,” he said. “And for this, I want to thank the whole entire first class Buccaneers organization for an amazing ride, trusting me to come back to play and help build a championship team. I will now be going back into my retirement home, walking away from football again with my head held high knowing I gave it everything I had, good or bad, every time I stepped out on the field.”

He ended the post with some shout-outs and thank yous for his entire career. “The friendships and relationships I have made will last forever, and I appreciate every single one of my teammates and coaches for giving everything they had as well. From retirement, back to football and winning another championship and now back to chilling out, thank you to all. Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️ fans, the Krewe, without you guys, none of this is possible, all of ya brought it every game, thank you for all you do. Cheers to what’s next, maybe sailing the seas 🏴‍☠️ Arghhhhhh!!”

Tom Brady commented on the post of his longtime Buccaneers and Patriots teammate. They played nine seasons on the Patriots together, won three Superbowls and played two seasons in Tampa together. “Love you as a man, teammate and friend. One of a kind in every way❤️,” he said. Brady, for his part, announced that he was coming out of retirement on March 23, 2022, after announcing that he would retire in February 2022. 

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