Um, This ‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Theory About Jughead Is Honestly So Disturbing

Photo: The CW.

Another day, another fan theory about everyone’s favorite Archie-comics CW show. And this time, we have a Riverdale Season 4 Jughead killer theory. Yep, you read that right. Fans are trying to figure out exactly what went down during last season’s finale—you know, the one where Archie, Veronica, and Betty were talking about hiding a body—and some are beginning to think that Jughead may just have something to do with that body. Not that he is that body, but rather that he was responsible for killing it. Yikes.

While last week’s season premiere was a wonderful homage to Fred Andrews and actor Luke Perry, it still left audiences at a loss for finding the answer to last season’s cliffhanger. In case you can’t quite remember: the Season 3 finale ended with flash-forward to the Core Four’s senior year spring break. The same spring break mentioned in the trailer and Episode 1 of Season 4, which turns out to be a camping trip. But on said camping trip, Archie, Veronica, and Betty seem to end up in quite a bit of trouble. They’re stripped down to their underwear, literally covered in blood, and standing in front of a huge bonfire. We learn that someone has died, and Betty doesn’t want anyone to share this information—which, yeah, duh. Yet what’s most shocking during this exchange is when Betty throws the not-present Jughead’s beanie into the fire. Suddenly, it seemed as if it were Jughead himself who died.

While other fan theories have considered the possibility of Jughead’s death, many consider this outcome to be too obvious. Instead, some fans have started to think about whether the three friends at the bonfire were covering up the murder crime for Jughead. But this still leaves us with questions to consider: If Jughead killed someone, who did he murder? And if he wasn’t spotted at the bonfire, where else could he be?

Many fans are already thinking that Jughead is most likely to kill the Riverdale newcomer, Charles Smith. After all, a random half-brother waltzing into the scene seems primed for potential distrust—yet it would most certainly remain shocking. Something about this possibility also seems complicated, though, considering that Betty’s response during the bonfire scene was one of such calm and resolve. What could Charles have done to her or Jughead to cause this flip?

It’s beginning to look like we’ll need to wait a few more weeks before learning anything more about exactly who died at last season’s bonfire. And until then, we’ll just have to keep up to date by watching every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.