Rita Ora’s Red Feather Dress Is the Most Extra Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Lindsey Lanquist
Rita Ora’s Red Feather Dress Is the Most Extra Thing We’ve Ever Seen
Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images.

Rita Ora has mastered the maximalist ensemble. The singer has stepped out in everything from metallic-on-metallic looks and head-to-toe glitter fringe to edgy Canadian tuxedos and outfits so bizarre they transcend traditional labels.

But yesterday, she outdid herself. Yesterday, Rita Ora stepped out in a bright red, feather-covered mini dress—setting a new personal record for extra AF maximalist style, and winning our hearts in the process.

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The phrase “bright red, feather-covered mini dress” might not sound that outlandish. (We live in a world where tropical prints, iridescent textiles and technicolor plaids are the norm—bright red, feather-covered stuff is practically par for the course at this point.) But Rita Ora’s bright red, feather-covered mini dress was definitely as dramatic as it sounds.

Where some feather dresses are crafted from tiny tufts that hug the bodice of a dress like fringe, Ora’s was essentially the opposite. Each of the feathers on her stunning mini were massive—the stuff of ostriches, emus or other very large birds. The designer behind her ensemble spared no volume in the process of creating this dress; it’s fluffy as fuck—a fact accentuated by the dress’ rich colorway.

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True to form, Ora paired her extra AF dress with extra AF accessories: a pair of matching red stilettos and some matching red statement earrings. Her nails were rendered in a dark, dark burgundy, her eyeshadow was a near-opaque sparkly silver, and her hair was sculpted into a stunningly structured bouffant.

Every part of the ensemble screamed sheer diva magic—and needless to say, we loved all of it. If anyone can pull off a look like that, it’s Rita Ora, the style star of our wildest fashion dreams.