Am I Dreaming or Is Rita Ora Wearing Fuzzy Shoulder Pads?

Maggie Griswold
Am I Dreaming or Is Rita Ora Wearing Fuzzy Shoulder Pads?
Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.

I’ve become fully aware of the fact that Rita Ora tends to go bold with her fashion choices. Honestly, I love that the singer rocks wild, head-turning ensembles regularly. (I mean, ~never forget~ the sweater dress that had a painting of a naked woman on the front.) When Rita Ora wore a hot pink sweater on Tuesday, you know there was a twist to the ensemble. And man, was that twist surprising.

Not to be a tease or anything, but one really has to learn to expect the unexpected with Rita Ora. The singer tends to take a current trend and put a seriously wild twist on it. That’s exactly what she did when she stepped out in a hot pink Prada sweater complete with—wait for it—black fuzzy shoulder pads (on the outside of the sweater). The ’80s are back, baby, but I’m not even sure this was an homage to that wild decade or just a really interesting sartorial choice on Ora’s part. She paired the sweater with a black studded Diesel miniskirt, really going for a Barbie-meets-biker look. I’m not mad about it—even with the fuzzy shoulder pads.

Rita Ora pink sweater


The singer added over-the-knee heeled boots to the outfit, as well as huge shield-style sunnies. Honestly, the ensemble was kind of perfect for the current New York weather—a mixture of spring vibes and wind-chill preparation. Boasting neon pink and letting a little leg show, Rita Ora showed us she was ready for spring, but still wanted to stay cozy. (Also, I have to imagine that the shoulder pads add a little bit of warmth to the ensemble as well, so they’re totally not just for looks.)

If you look closely, too, you’ll see Ora was carrying around a copy of the novel Lolita. Was she reading the book in the car? Was she just carrying it around as an accessory? Does the novel have to do with an upcoming project on which she’s working? Rita Ora always leaves me with more questions than answers, but damn, I still love her.