Rita Ora Models Maximalism in Glitter Fringe Pants and Pumps

Lindsey Lanquist
Rita Ora Models Maximalism in Glitter Fringe Pants and Pumps
Photo: Matthew Eisman/FilmMagic.

Rita Ora is no stranger to the statement-making outfit. She’s dressed as a technicolor cheetah, a fluffy bird and a series of swirls—all in the span of one week. (This week, to be exact.) Previously, she’s sported jeans that are simultaneously shorts and pants, puffy sleeves so tall they almost touch her head, sunglasses that literally glow in the dark and (as you can likely imagine) so much more. The girl’s down to rock a bold look, and we commend her for it.

But in a recent Instagram, Ora opted for a more subtle take on a costume-y trend. She essentially dressed as a cowboy, but did so in a chic (and distinctly not kitschy) way.

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Late Thursday night, the singer shared a few photos of herself sprawled out on a luxurious green couch. In the pictures, she wears a white T-shirt, black blazer and tight black pants. Instead of wearing head-to-toe fringe like she did two weeks ago, Ora opted for a lower-key embellishment—sparkly fringe lining the hem of her pants. (OK, so the fringe was diamond-encrusted. But it definitely wasn’t over-the-top.)

Ora accessorized her look with huge embellished hoops, tiny sunglasses, a large black hat and black pumps. The heels of the shoes feature the same sparkly fringe as the hems of her pants. Eye-catching? Definitely, but pretty understated—at least for Ora.

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Ora’s look becomes admittedly less low-key when you realize she wore it shopping (or so her caption—”Shopping got me feelin’ all types of ways today”—suggests). Diamond-encrusted fringe might be a little over-the-top for a day spent trying on clothes, but hey—we’ll let Ora have this one.