RiRi Continues to Channel ’80s Style


Rihanna was spotted late last night leaving London hotspot Vendome Mayfair.

Is it just us, or are the “edgy” outfits Rihanna’s been rocking getting a little old? Same concept, different color…every single night. The mohawk bearing star was photographed looking somewhat more casual than usual as she left the club in London, but her inner ’80s super child continued to shine.

We like the striped oversized sweater she’s wearing, especially because it’s covering a bad case of FUPA waiting to happen, compliments of her black biker shorts. But, uh, what’s with the obnoxiously long black finger nails? Is Rihanna moving into the early ’90s to channel Cruela De Vil?

We’ll let you know if she dyes half her head white.

In the meantime, the million dollar question still stands regarding your tendency to wear sunglasses every night. Why RiRi, why?

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