RIP Marvin Traub: 5 Reasons Why The Bloomingdale’s Mastermind Was Ahead Of His Time

Liz Doupnik

fullres5 RIP Marvin Traub: 5 Reasons Why The Bloomingdales Mastermind Was Ahead Of His Time

It’s been a pretty bad summer to be successful. We’re not just talking about the fatality and resurrection of Lindsay Lohan’s career here: the fashion industry has been losing some of its heaviest and most influential hitters. Marvin Traub, the previous CEO of Bloomingdale’s has passed away at age 87. While we’re totally bummed about this major loss (you should be too), we prefer to take a second to appreciate all he did not only for the retail landscape but how he made our lives as shoppers just a little easier (and fun!).

  1. The Store Locator: Thanks to Traub Bloomingdale’s was one of the first luxury retailers to expand past standard coastal cities of NYC and LA. We know Mid-westerners love to shop too!
  2. The Style Beacon: While many retailers bit the dust in the chaotic 1970s, Bloomingdale’s only continued to grow, further distinguishing itself as fixture of high fashion.
  3. Branding Genius: While other shops were shuttering their doors in the late 60s and early 70s, Bloomingdale’s implemented a new marketing machine: a bag now notorious for indulging oneself during the time, the brown bag series.
  4. A Man Who Might Understand Just How Much Women Love To Shop: We think that’s pretty self-explanatory.
  5. Spreading The Love: Traub perceived un the growing interested and desire of shoppers across the country to buy into the Bloomingdale’s lifestyle. Bringing style to the people, he executed catalouges for shoppers who weren’t located in cities with Bloomies shops, so they could enjoy their own shopping experience from the comfort of their own home.