Rings Don’t Mean A Thing: Unmarried Celebrity Couples Who Have Made It Work

Spencer Cain

It’s no secret that it’s incredibly difficult for people in the public eye to make a relationship work. After all, they are constantly grappling with the paparazzi, demanding careers and a slew of crazy people who are fixated on destroying their love lives (i.e. alleged baby mamas and all that hoopla).

Like any relationship, there is always a honeymoon period. You know what I’m talking about–that phase in the beginning of your courtship where you can’t keep your hands off of each other and you find yourself making out in a diner at 4 AM. No? Only me? Okay…

Anyway, one thing that seems to offset the balance in a celebrity relationship is a big fat diamond ring. Sure, it’s exhilarating to receive your first piece of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, but believe me there’s a lot of baggage attached.

While some couples certainly find a way to tie the knot and make it work, the reality is in this day and age, most people fail. Because of this fact, I’ve compiled a gallery of my favorite couples who have been together for years, show no signs of slowing down and have no interest in making it official in the eyes of the law.

Click through the slideshow above and tell us who your favorite unwed couple is by leaving a comment down below!

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