There’s an Engagement Ring Box With a Hidden Camera to Record Your Proposal

Leah Bourne
main ringcam Theres an Engagement Ring Box With a Hidden Camera to Record Your Proposal

A proposal captured via The Ring Cam.

Want to relive your engagement over and over (and over) again? Then we’ve found the gadget for you! It’s called The Ring Cam, and while it looks like any ordinary jewelry box, it has a tiny hidden camera inside, which enables you (or him) to capture that special moment as it happens, in real time.

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Five guys—Scott Brandonisio, Scott Bahash, Elliot Barney, Russell Fyfe, and Nick Haugen—came up with the idea when one of their friends struggled to find a way to discretely record his proposal. In college, they worked on the gadget for a class project, before officially launching it.


The Ring Cam.

Head over to The Ring Cam’s website to see some of the candid proposals captured by the hidden camera—they are a ton of fun to watch. You can own the ring cam for $199.99, or rent one for $99.99. Hey, not a bad deal for a lifetime of memories.

Creepy or awesome? Let us know your thoughts on this gadget in the comments below!

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