Rihanna’s Rodarte Peekaboo Leather Legwear


After showing up to the MET Ball Monday night in a shocking Dolce & Gabbana puffed sleeve tuxedo ensemble, Rihanna left her hotel Tuesday wearing those Rodarte leather cut-out thigh highs from the spring collection. Pairing them with just denim shorts, leather jacket, and simple shoes (relatively speaking) was a smart move, for if she wore, say a sequin skirt or a certain pair of jewel encrusted sandals, it would have been bad. Below is a picture from the Rodarte spring collection, and when worn with a dress, they actually give the impression that they are more leggings than thigh highs.

When are we going to see Lindsay Lohan (who is building quite the legging/hosiery empire herself) wearing these? Or better yet, here is a similar lower priced/non leather version of these from her 6126 line.

Yes, they are outrageous, but if Rihanna isn’t going to wear them, who is?