Rihanna’s Green Bikini


Rihanna’s brand new music video for her single “Rehab” was just released today and it literally left me breathless. The only thing that had me more mesmerized than the sight of Justin Timberlake drenching himself in water all scruffy-faced and hot was the sight of Rihanna’s amazing green bathing suit. It’s old-fashioned shape recalls the days of bloomers as bottoms (instead of today’s barely-there Brazilian-cut thongs), and a cheeky beach elegance that I totally missed out on having been born in the 80s. Hopefully, this video and Rihanna’s fashion influence will bring back this high-waisted, flattering shape back in time for next summer.

In the meantime, I’m flying off to Hawaii for Thanksgiving this Friday, and I’m feeling a little 60s inspiration right about now. What do you think of this suit? Better left in a music video? Or good for real life too?