Rihanna Stars in Kanye West’s Paranoid Video


Last night, Kanye West‘s video for “Paranoid” was screened at L.A. Reid’s celebratory announcement of Interscope Def Jam‘s new artists for spring.

What’s capturing everyone’s attention is Rihanna’s leading role in the music video. As Kanye West steps aside for Rihanna’s “character,” the video focuses on a woman who is either emboldened or frightened as she drives frantically down the highway.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in an English classroom but I read enough What Would Tyler Durden Do? to recognize why Rihanna was cast for this role; you don’t really need to be a rocket surgeon to draw the parallels and see the symbolism of the video. If you however need the Clif’s Notes, you can borrow this copy.

Here’s a bootleg version of the video courtesy Low Key for BET’s Sound Off blog.

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