Rihanna Spends $8,000 in One Dollar Bills During a Scandalous Night Out

Spencer Cain

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It’s no secret that Rihanna likes to party—and goes all out when it comes to having fun with her posse. The 25-year-old is known for routinely indulging in marijuana (don’t take it from us, she routinely Instagrams photos), hitting up the hottest clubs in the world, and frequently buying out bars for the night just so her crew can privately have a killer night—that doesn’t end until the next morning. Currently in the midst of her Diamonds World Tour, RiRi has been up to her old tricks, and this past weekend after her show in Miami, things got really rowdy.
On early Sunday morning, she stopped by Miami’s King of Diamonds, one of the premiere strip clubs in the area. Always one to be generous, Rihanna made it rain on the strippers—to the tune of $8,000. According to TMZ, she wanted to see how “the girls move to her music”—and ended up staying for close to three hours throwing one dollar bills in the air. Her equally famous gal pal and party animal Katy Perry even reportedly stopped by.
Considering, Rihanna made a whopping $53 million in 2012 and is on track to bag even more in 2013, this truly is chump change for the star. However, $8,000 in singles weighs 17.6 pounds—and that’s pretty heavy. Although she posted some shots to her Instagram of her night out, as well as the crazy day that led up to it (which was 4/20, a notorious holiday that celebrates marijuana), we sadly don’t know how the money was transported. Our guess is it was in a roomy Givenchy Nightingale satchel, which is one of her favorite “it” bags.
To see a video of Rihanna throwing some major cash, click here!
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