Is Rihanna Dropping Kitchen Utensils? Not An Album, But I’m Still Intrigued

Maggie Griswold
Is Rihanna Dropping Kitchen Utensils? Not An Album, But I’m Still Intrigued
Photo: Courtesy of Creatv Eight/Unsplash; PMC.

So, NBD, but apparently Rihanna is taking over the world. She started with incredible music, dominated fashion, beauty and skincare, and now it looks like the singer and designer is headed into the world of…utensils? Rihanna’s new SORRY I’M BOOKED trademark application—filed under her company Roraj Trade LLC—covers the category of something we truly didn’t expect: tableware. More specifically, this trademark focuses on forks, knives and spoons. Could Fenty Cooking be on the way? We’re waiting with bated breath.

Let’s back it up for just a second and go through this information, though, because this is all so wild. Rihanna’s company, Roraj Trade LLC, has filed for a new trademark for the supposed brand (We don’t quite know exactly what it’ll be, yet.) called SORRY I’M BOOKED. A Rihanna fan account (@TeamOfRihanna) spotted the trademark application and posted the information to Twitter, where, of course, it’s already a hot topic. This screenshot of the application on Twitter clues us in that nothing has been examined or approved yet—so we’re truly witnessing the beginning stages of something major in the works. (!!!)

Apparently, this trademark will focus on utensils and also potential publications dealing with culinary topics. (We’re still in shock, but whatever. Do you, Rih.) Does that mean the eventual release of Fenty tableware we’ll be able to purchase for our own kitchens and perhaps a Fenty cookbook or two? That’s our guess—though only time will tell.

So it’s not a new album or Fenty collection, but when Rihanna branches out, we all win. After all, who wouldn’t want their home filled with Rihanna-designed (or at least approved) pieces? Even if it starts with a few kitchen utensils, there’s no telling what kind of home items might appear later. Fenty Home might have once sounded like a fever dream, but it could very well become a reality—and we’re so fine with that.

Until more information is released about this new trademark, though, at least we can put “Disturbia” on repeat and online shop (or at least window shop until our paychecks come through) all the different facets of Fenty. Before we know it, Rihanna will have taken over every shopping category known to man. All hail Rih and her eventual world takeover.

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