Just 22 Photos of Rihanna Smoking Weed in Honor of 420

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Nothing puts us more in the 420 mood than Rihanna’s smoking weed photos. It’s no secret that the “Love on the Brain” singer loves her cannabis. From photoshoots to music videos, Rihanna always finds the time to blaze it and puff. In honor of 420 and RihRih’s love of marijuana, we rounded up her best Instagram photos of her with a blunt.

But Rihanna’s relationship with weed goes beyond her Instagram. The Fenty Beauty founder has even dressed as Mary Jane for Halloween, as well as released music inspired by cannabis lifestyle. Her weed habits have gotten her in trouble, though. A few years ago, she was photographed rolling a blunt on the bald head of her bodyguard, which led her to delete the post on Instagram and apologize. “I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else,” she tweeted at the time.

But that was then. Nowadays, Rihanna is more carefree when it comes to when she puffs and posts on Instagram. From at-home photoshoots with her, a cloud smoke and a fired-up joint to selfies in her natural habitat, the Barbadian songstress has never been shy to blaze it on the internet. In honor of 420, fire up a blunt with Rihanna and scroll through the best photos of her smoking weed.

Fuzzy Fridays

This 2012 post may not be the best quality, but it’s one of the first pictures we have of Rihanna with a blunt.

Nothing But Smoke

RihRih may not be photographed with a blunt in this picture, but 420 fans know what’s up.

Party For One

Rihanna spent her birthday in 2014 in the way she was most comfortable.

All in the Details

Peep the accessory in between Rihanna’s fingers.

With Her Boo

Rihanna posed her hand for an artful picture with a portrait of her “boo” Audrey Hepburn.

Smoke Break

Even for a photoshoot for CR Fashion Book, Rih found time to blaze it.

Supreme Pose

For the anniversary of her album, Anti, Rihanna posed with a blunt.

Look Back at It

Rihanna accessorized her going-out outfit with a simple blunt in between her fingers.

Bright Lights

On a trip to New York City, Rihanna added to the bright lights with her own blaze.

Winter Attire

Rihanna’s winter hot tub sesh wasn’t complete without a blunt in one hand.

Vacation Time

While on a surfboard in Brazil, Rihanna posed for a photo with a blunt in her mouth.

Touch Ups

Her beauty products weren’t the only necessities she needed for this touch up.

Simple Selfie

There’s not much to this throwback other than Rih with her favorite thing.

Iconic Outtake

Who hasn’t seen this photo of Rihanna with fiery hair in a cloud of smoke?

Gone Fishing

Rihanna enjoyed a fishing trip with a blunt and some dark lipstick.

Start the Party

Nothing screams a party like Rihanna and some weed.

Woman at Work

And here’s a photo of Rihanna rolling her own joint.

Good as Gold

As she says, don’t “phuck” with her.

Blondes Have More Fun

Peep Rihanna channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe in a blonde wig.

All That Attitude

Just a simple shot of Rihanna smoking in a swimsuit.

Gargle Face

Whatever a gargle face is, Rihanna looks like she’s in her natural habitat.

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