Video: Rihanna Unveils New River Island Collection, Says She Designs for ‘Fat Days’

Spencer Cain

Despite initial skepticism surrounding Rihanna‘s first collection with British high-street label River Island (which debuted at London Fashion Week back in February), the line was ultimately met with general praise. Comprised mostly of streetwear staples like printed jumpsuits, lots of neon, and studded leather, not only were the items fully on-trend, but everything was so quintessentially Rihanna—something that shoppers seemed to appreciate, as several items sold out almost instantly.

Now, RiRi’s back with her summer collection for River Island, which is set to launch on May 25 (us Americans can score it on ASOS.) To celebrate, the brand has released a behind-the-scenes video showing the 25-year-old superstar getting down and dirty with the design process. Given the fact that so many celebrities are totally uninvolved in their clothing lines, it’s nice to see how much Rihanna genuinely cares. And she should, considering that she’s said her designs are specifically targeted to herself and her friends.

But Rihanna for River Island isn’t just for days when you feel confident and sexy. “I needed to make clothes for fat days that I have,” she admitted. “I wanted to make clothes that I want to wear, I was being selfish. But hopefully my fans and the River Island customers will have the same taste.”

Well, we’re not sure about you guys, but we don’t dress for fat days in denim crop tops and accessorize with sideboob. Regardless, we can’t wait to see the collection.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think!

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