Rihanna Is Too Busy Working on Her New Album to Worry About Drake & Chris Brown’s Friendship

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We thought Drake had officially dug his own grave after admitting that he and RiRi’s ex are friends again in a recent interview. But turns out, Rihanna’s reaction to Chris Brown and Drake’s friendship was actually pretty relaxed. The 31-year-old ANTI star holds no more hard feelings toward her ex, 30-year-old Chris Brown, and is at the point in her career where she also doesn’t mind her longtime admirer, 32-year-old Drake, linking up with the artist for musical collaborations. What do we call that? Growth.

After all, let’s keep in mind that Drizzy and Chris were entrenched in a longstanding beef over Rihanna. As Drake courted RiRi time and time again, he never forgot the abusive past that she experienced at the hands of Chris—and that was enough to keep him from ever crossing paths with the “Look At Me Now” singer. “I think we just both grew up to the point that that person that was in the middle of us is like, no longer a part of either of our lives currently,” Drake explained in a recent interview, before adding, “I have the utmost love and respect for her.” This realization was the step he needed to make before finally rekindling a relationship with Chris.

But what’s Rihanna’s take on all of this? Honestly, our girl is too busy to even care; she’s just happy they’re happy. A source with HollywoodLife.com says: “Rihanna of course has heard about Drake and what he spoke about and how he is friendly with Chris again and she is happy that they have drawn a line in the sand. She wants people to be kind to each other because being upset with people is not something you can move forward from.”

“She is happy that they figured out to be on the same page,” the source adds, “but at the end of the day she is worrying about herself and her career and not putting much more focus than needed on Chris and Drake’s situation. But again she is happy that they are cool at least.”

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With her blessing, we’re sure Drake is finally feeling cool about it, too. In his interview, he explained how collaborating with Chris always carried a heavy history—until now. “We’ve come together before and tried to link and make music and I think we were always kind of forcing it. I think there was always resentment on both sides,” he said. “You know, really at the end of the day when you kind of step away from it and break it down you start to feel silly ’cause it’s over girl stuff, you know? But obviously, that can snowball into real sh*t and that’s what happened in this situation,” he explained.

As for RiRi, she’s uninterested in being the “silly” subject of Chris and Drake’s “girl stuff.” Instead, HollywoodLife.com’s insider confirms that her main focus these days is music: “Rihanna’s focus in 2020 is getting new music out there, she is working hard on songs to fill an album. She has hundreds of songs and her focus is trying to get 12 to 15 songs for an album, and that is pretty tough.” If anyone can get it done in the new decade, we’d sure think it’d be Rihanna.

drake rihanna reunited Rihanna Is Too Busy Working on Her New Album to Worry About Drake & Chris Browns Friendship

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